Seven specific points (energy centers) run in line with the spine rotating in a
similar way to the wheels of energy that are affected by the atmosphere,
storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.  Each of these energy centers are
connected to the endocrine system and are affected and benefited by the
color and light.  Essential oils and foods also help keep these centers
Endocrine balancing has been known to assist with:
  • The Pituitary
  • The Pineal Gland
  • The Thyroid
  • The Thymus
  • The Pancreas
  • The Adrenals
  • The Reproductive Organs

This workshop educates the therapist to use essential
oils, color therapy and foods that can help bring the
endocrine system back into balance.  It will enhance all
types of modalities connected to massage therapy,
reflexology, skin care specialists and acupressure.  
Detailed handouts will be provided, hands on
experience and a certificate of attendance giving eight
hours of continuing education.
Cost of class: $150 pre-registration $125

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Time:  10am - 6pm

Essential oil blends specifically blended to suit each endocrine gland will be
available for purchase at a greatly reduced price.
Email:  registration@derwenholisticuniversity.com
Tel:  (281) 209-2080
Website:  www.derwenholisticuniversity.com